States Of Zen

It’s a tough world out there. One has to learn to be a tough cookie and find his or her inner (and outer) peace. Here are some options to guide you in that direction, and reinforce balance in your life.
Text by Francesca Cruz | May 18, 2018 | Lifestyle

Going Under
What is it: Developed by John Lilly, Flotation Therapy is conducted in a soundproof, pitch black, salt-water tank. This therapy was originally referred to as Sensory Deprivation.
How it’s helpful: It aids the body in transitioning from beta or alpha brainwaves to theta, which typically occurs briefly before sleep and again at waking. It helps with stress, anxiety and pain.
The Downside: For the first 40 minutes, it’s reportedly possible to experience itching in various parts of the body, but it does subside after a couple of therapy sessions.

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
What is it: Cupping is a method in traditional Chinese medicine where glass cups are soaked in alcohol and then placed on the skin to open pores and stimulate blood flow.
How it’s helpful: It helps treat depression, stress, bronchitis, asthma and congestion. It will also assist with arthritis and gastrointestinal disorders. It’s now popular to incorporate essential oils in the therapy.
The Downside: It can cause swelling and bruising that’s not painful but visible.

Let’s Clear The Air
What is it: Smudging is part of the Native American tradition for clearing negativity where herbs, particularly sage, is burned in the ritual cleansing of a physical space, of objects or individuals.
How it’s helpful: A smudge wand of sage (cedar and sweet grass are also used) is lit and fanned around the body, objects or home to dispel stagnate energies and eradicate negativity. And in the case of an individual, it helps him or her feel more focused, energized and calm.
The Downside: If you’re not a fan of incense, this might get tricky for you; also, this is a new-age approach to finding balance…so you need an open heart and an even more open mind.