Sublime Shape

For half a century, Elsa Peretti’s iconic Bean design has personified the designer’s deep-rooted affinity for the natural, organic world and her love of simple, sculptural forms.
Words by Zelda Grant | February 23, 2022 | Luxury

Elsa Peretti first created her striking Bean design for Tiffany & Co. in 1974. Over the decades, this delightful motif has been reimagined as pendants, bracelets, earrings, clutches and glamorous objects. Fast-forward to its reintroduction for 2022 in a collection that ranges from delicate designs to bold statement pieces — all created by Elsa herself and crafted from an array of beautiful materials and diamonds. “Elsa Peretti’s legacy in the world of design and fashion cannot be overstated,” says Alexandre Arnault, Executive VP of Product & Communication for Tiffany & Co. “The reintroduction of Peretti’s Bean designs allows us to honor her creative influence using the same materials and forms that you see throughout her design vocabulary to expand on one of her most celebrated collections.” Available this March, with special pieces including a red silk net and gold lacquer pendant, a rock crystal in mesh net pendant, and much more being offered later in the year. Once again proving that the Bean is as sensual and modern today as ever;