Thai Me Up!

If you’re a slave to Thai fare, these restaurants have contrasting yet addictive approaches to Siamese culinary zeitgeist — and once you’ve tried them, neither of them will release their hold on you.
Text by Rony Mo | May 24, 2018 | Lifestyle

No one knows who Tani Thai’s mysterious Bob is, but we know why he’s so confident. His namesake dish “Cocky Bob” escapes any attempt at imitation. Thin slices of lightly breaded chicken are flash-fried until golden, then tossed in a secret honey-garlic sauce no one claims responsibility for. The lip-smacking Kiss Me Beef, with crisp summer vegetables and aromatic ginger, is a culinary crush you’d need not feel guilty about; 12269 S. Dixie Hwy;

If you could be on a first date with a restaurant, Bonding has all the right moves for a successful finish. Unapologetically fusion, they initially built their success on solid Thai staples like Massaman Curry and Sticky Coconut Rice w/ Mango, but aren’t tied down by any form of tradition. Try Lobster Pad Thai or Tuna Pasta pitched with Napa cabbage kimchi and gochujang chili-miso if you’re feeling especially adventurous; 638 S. Miami Ave.;