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Personal injury and insurance litigation specialists RRBH Law are the voice of ordinary citizens who seek justice from powerful interests for their loss, pain and suffering.
Words // Sandy Lindsey | Photos // Edward Leal | January 31, 2024 | People
Attorneys Moncy Blanco-Herrera & Daniel J. Rodriguez of RRBH Law help clients navigate the complex legal process, supporting them in a variety of areas including personal injury, insurance litigation and vehicle accidents.

The highly experienced team at Ramon, Rodriguez, Blanco-Herrera Law believe that when a person is injured because of someone else’s negligence or the insurance company isn’t paying out what the claimant deserves, they do not have to navigate the legal process alone. “We provide legal guidance and support for clients with cases in the areas of personal injury, insurance litigation and vehicle accidents,” says Attorney Moncy Blanco-Herrera. “Plus, we also offer our clients unparalleled personal attention. Unlike other firms who delegate firm responsibilities to paralegals and associates, we handle each case personally. We are accessible and keep in constant communication with all of our clients, offering each of them exceptional service and legal expertise.”  

For example, in Florida, filing a personal injury claim for a slip and fall accident is a multi-step process. “We have helped many slip and fall victims get the compensation they deserve after an accident,” he says. “In one case that stands out, we were able to secure $500,000 for a woman who had a slip and fall accident inside a retail store where she suffered a fractured ankle and wrist that required surgery.”

The first, and crucial step, he advises, is for the injured party to seek medical attention immediately after a slip and fall, the sooner the better. If one is not too injured to report the injuries to the owner or manager of the property where they fell and gather evidence at the scene, then they should do so, but health is always the top priority.

Increasing one’s chances of a successful settlement or judgment comes down to a few simple factors: providing complete documentation of injuries and their associated costs, proving the property owner’s actions or failure to act caused one’s injuries when they owed the claimant a duty of care, and following the guidance of an experienced attorney. “You and your attorney need to demonstrate the losses you suffered as a result of your injuries, which requires skills in evidence gathering, negotiations and if necessary, litigation,” he says.

If the attorney determines there is a viable claim, the next step involves gathering evidence, starting with any evidence the injured party gathered at the scene, such as pictures of the slipping hazard and their injuries, surveillance footage, witness statements and contact information, medical bills, and any other documentation of the incident. If one is too injured to gather evidence, an attorney will compile the evidence for them. “Next, your attorney will enter negotiations with the opposing party to pursue a fair settlement,” he says. “The goal is to secure compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.” Most slip and fall cases settle without the need for litigation, but if negotiations don’t lead to a satisfactory resolution, the next step is to take the case to court, and demonstrate that the property owner failed in their duty of care, while laying out the damages suffered as a result. “At RRBH Law, our goal is not only to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients but also to ensure they feel supported and empowered throughout their case,” he says. From the moment of the initial consultation, the firm prioritizes clear and consistent communication, keeping clients informed about the progress of their cases.           

“Our thorough investigation process, which includes collecting evidence and conducting in-depth analyses, is carried out with meticulous care,” says Attorney Alexandra Ramon. “We understand that each slip and fall case is unique, and our personalized legal strategies are tailored to the specific circumstances of our clients” During negotiations and court proceedings, clients can trust that they have experienced legal advocates by their side. “Our skilled litigators work tirelessly to seek fair settlements and pursue legal actions when necessary,” she says. “Additionally, our contingency fee structure reflects our commitment to providing our clients all the access to the legal services they need. Clients do not incur any costs unless we secure compensation for them.”

The firm also specializes in helping property owners who have experienced underpayment on a claim. “In one case, we helped our clients secure over $30,000 more than the insurance company wanted to pay out after Hurricane Irma damaged their home,” says Attorney Daniel J. Rodriguez. Increasingly, South Florida is seeing more flooding after rainstorms, not just hurricanes lately, causing damage that can lead to serious mold situations if not dealt with correctly. “Deciding whether to add flood coverage to protect your home depends on many different factors,” he says. “In some cases, your lender may require you to buy a flood insurance policy. In other instances, you may not be required to have flood coverage, but depending on the likelihood of flooding in your area, it might be a good idea. Even if the area where you live is not generally prone to flooding, as we have seen in Florida over the last several years, many areas that do not have a history of flooding could be at a greater risk today. Therefore, t’s important to decide for yourself whether the risk of a catastrophe outweighs the benefit of added coverage.”

If a flood claim is denied, the homeowner should first review the denial letter to understand the reason, gather additional evidence if needed, and contact the insurance company for clarification. Seeking legal advice and assistance can be crucial at this point, to challenge the denial and navigate the appeals process effectively. “RRBH Law is dedicated to providing unwavering support, personalized attention, and expert legal representation to guide you through every step of the process,” says Rodriguez. “Whether it’s seeking compensation for injuries or property damage or dealing with insurance claims, our team is committed to ensuring that you receive the assistance you need. By partnering with experienced attorneys, you can confidently pursue the justice you deserve. At RRBH Law, we are here to advocate for you.”;