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Have you recently taken the trip of a lifetime? Had a travel adventure you’d like to share with our readers? It doesn’t matter if you took the trip 10 years ago or just returned to the airport 10 minutes ago, we want to hear your story. From camel-riding in Dubai to monkey-watching in Southeast Asia to kangaroo-spotting in Australia, the wilder your story, the more interested we are to hear it. In 100 words or less, describe what made the trip special, what the most memorable moment was and who you went with. Once we review all the submissions, we will select a choice few to be included in our main feature. Please make sure to include any relevant contact information so a reporter can elaborate on your submission if needed. To submit your story, email with “Travel Tale” in the subject line.

Slim Finder
According to Nielsen Media Research, the average American spends 90 minutes a day frantically looking for lost and misplaced items. Loc8tor, developer of the most sophisticated personal tracking devices in the world, has announced its newest pioneering product, Loc8tor Lite. Unlike anything else currently available on the market, the credit card-sized Loc8tor Lite uses clear audio and visual directional cues to guide the user straight to their lost items from anywhere up to 400 feet away. Get one for $79.99 at

Forbidden Affair
Q: I have been a Key Biscayne resident for a long time and am proud to call the island home. However, over the past few months I’ve started to worry that I may have to relocate in order to save my marriage. I’m having an affair with my friend’s husband and I can’t bring myself to continue doing this to her but I can’t separate myself away from him. My husband has no idea that any of this is going on and I want to keep it that way but I’m fearful that he’s beginning to suspect something is going on. I don’t want to throw away my family and my home but the only way I can avoid my lover is to move. Is there any advice you can give me that might help get me out of this situation without totally devastating everyone involved? I feel like such a horrible person for letting all of this happen.
A: Moving to another city may not necessarily be the answer. You have not placed yourself in an easy situation. It’s important that you realized how this can destroy your family as well as your friend’s family. It sounds like you were not happy in your marriage which eventually led you to have an affair. What are you in need of, more love and attention? If you love your spouse and want to give your marriage another opportunity, I recommend you stop this affair as soon as possible before it’s too late. Slowly distance your friendship and make it clear to your lover that this is truly the best decision for everyone. In terms of your husband, think of what has worked in the past. Tell him what you want to see more of from him in the marriage. Maybe then your marriage will be enticing and fulfilling with no need to go anywhere else.

› Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling Center is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with more than 10 years of experience working with children, adults, couples and families. If you have a question you’d like answered in a future edition of Key Biscayne Magazine, email it to Due to high volume, we will not be able to respond to all submissions. All names will be withheld to ensure the privacy of our readers.

“I’m thrilled to have had this vote of confidence that you have given me.”
— Hillary Clinton of Florida’s Democratic primary results

Sky Dine
If you’ve ever wanted to eat while suspended in the air, go to




The total number of counties in the state of Florida.




Gator Icon
Florida’s official state reptile is none other than the American Alligator.