Urban Attitude

Body For Sure understands the young empowered fashionista who prioritizes quality without giving up on style. Get ready to go to the gym and then out for happy hour in their gorgeous and comfortable athleisure chic essentials.
Words by Sandy Lindsey | February 27, 2021 | Fashion

The new Body For Sure from Cia Marítima is based on the “Active State Of Mind” — they want to embrace much more than just the fitness world of gyms and seek to bring inspiration and technology to entire lifestyles while exploring the power of body movement in several scenarios. It is the desire to overcome simple athletics, take it all beyond the locker room and vibrate with attitude. The fabulous lineup offers state-of-the-art textile technology for every kind of workout: high compression for high-impact workouts, medium compression for daily gym workouts and low compression for dance, yoga and Pilates. Their head-turning Energize is an exclusive medium compression with a focus on comfort and a beautiful and brilliantly shiny finish. Rosset Textile is equally focused on sustainability and manufacturer these high-tech fabrics from hydroelectric, recycled waters and recycled materials. Body For Sure’s concept is to meld fitness wear with daily life. Taking the modern woman for a day out from gym to drinks. Positively fashion-forward and gorgeous;