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Wavy? Curly? No Problem!

Throughout my career, I have come across all sorts of concerns regarding wavy and curly hair and how to make it look its best. Here are my tips on how to style this hair type into beautiful, frizz-free ringlets in less than half an hour.
› Condition your hair, massaging your scalp to get rid of build-up and excess oil. Wash your hair every other day, or best, only two days a week with Phytocurl Shampoo which is according to me, the best product for curly hair.
› Comb hair in shower while conditioner is still in. Never towel-dry hair.
› Apply Phytocurl spray to sections of your hair. Twist each section around your fingers, hold for a few seconds, then release. Do this all over your head.
› To give the top of your hair room to dry while yielding additional definition, get some flat clips, take small sections of hair and clip to lift at the root. Another trick is to clip the underneath curl at the bottom to give it some length as it dries.
› Turn your head down. Dry your hair with a blow-dryer with a diffuser attachment since they dry more quickly than the regular dryers and with less heat. Diffuse hair with warm air until almost dry, and then hit the “cool” button, and finish drying your hair on that mode.
› Once your hair is dry, loosen up the curl. Turn your head upside down — remember: no flipping — and gently agitate the hair at its root.
› Spray hair lightly with Phytocurl spray.
And voilà, your curls should fall into their naturally beautiful place!

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“I see myself as a brunette.”
— Cameron Diaz

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