Who, What, WEAR, When

After spending so many months at home in our leggings, sweatpants and basic tees, this season is about total everything! We want it all: Stunning scarves, wow dresses, show-stopping shoes, distinctive men’s formalwear — even our leisurewear is being taken to the next level. It’s a bold statement on the resilience of human nature as interpreted in haute style.
Words by Zelda Grant | August 30, 2021 | Fashion

Fall 2021 fashions pop. If there was one word to sum it all up — pizazz. Think glamour, liveliness, creativity. We’re talking bold prints, striking colors, shimmering metals and total, over-the-top wow. “With the pandemic, we have all been sporting our pajamas, joggers, and other minimal styles over the last several months,” says Wardrobe Stylist & Image Maker Anna Ruiz. “We’re tired of the monotony. People want celebrations, parties, and are ready to go all in!”

So how do you wear your newfound enthusiasm? Go fashion-forward with a sparkly dress, paired with boots or sandals with socks. Add in a cardigan or a blazer. Essentially, mix that festive item with something opposite in style — think sneakers, combat or fur boots paired with leather straight from the runway. “If there’s one lesson fashionistas have learned lately is that it’s never too soon to indulge in your statement pieces,” continues Ruiz. “And let’s not forget catsuits — you don’t want to be the last person to sport this trend; and all-over prints, when all items in your look have the same print, sometimes even including the accessories and shoes!”

Speaking of accessories, scarves are having a moment — whether as a retro head wrap, bandana, headband, top, sarong, or a chic bracelet or belt, there are endless possible cool styling options for this versatile piece. “As a fashion piece that transcends seasons and time, scarves are a great staple and Summer-to-Fall transition piece to have in your closet and to keep an eye out for,” says Celebrity Designer Daniel Bohbot of Hale Bob. 

Key Biscayne-based style icon Irma Martínez is in love with colored suits. “It’s long been my personal style,” she says. “I used to wear suits from work to meetings to luncheons, but now this trend has become an everyday look. With the colorful ones, I can be more playful and wear them to more occasions. Not only can they add some fun but they also make me feel empowered. Equally exciting, dresses are back — thank goodness! It’s all about celebrating our bodies, our sexiness, owning who we are and what we’ve got!”

Fashion Manufacturing Industry Expert & Founder of Design To Produce, Jessica Anderson, is well-known for having her finger on the pulse of upcoming trends and has seen a resurgence of the American western vibe modernized. “On a recent trip to Nashville, I discovered a Made in the USA boot brand called Lucchese,” she says. “They put a modern spin on western styles and some even have a unique Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe. Another current theme is comfortable, light luxury, such as the lightweight knit kimono robe from Jesarae Fashions that is so versatile it can be worn as a pool cover-up or for a day on the yacht, a spa day, while glamping or for lounging around the home. Bodysuits are also hot right now and pair perfectly with all the high-waisted bottoms that literally everyone is wearing. Then there’s the understated luxury romper, perfect for lounging or the lounge. I love how designers are making comfortable look fabulous!”

We are Miami, we want to be seen, and dramatic silhouettes and show-stopping fashion are still de riguer, according to longtime Key Biscayner Elysze Held of Style Out Of The City. “We have all been perfectly relaxed and saturated with feminine florals all Spring/Summer but we want to continue to showcase our love for comfort,” she says. “I love the simplicity, ease and versatility of timeless pieces. There’s no better Fall pairing than a neutral, effortless look and one can never go wrong with these minimal, cool separates, with oversized elements such as those from Nili Lotan and Ulla Johnson. Whether your style is tailored or bohemian, there’s something about these informal looks that still feels utterly chic.” She’s also a big fan of the understated glamor of the Catene Chain Link Necklace, the Serpenti Forever Chain Link Crossbody Bag and the Fantasical Feathery Jeans available at Bottega Venteta in Bal Harbour.

Menswear is equally charged up this season and beyond with hues you may not have expected. “Pink is trending,” says Christian Boehm, CEO & Founder of Jaxson Maximus. “Pink has many great shades for men to consider, from bright pulsar pink to coral pink or soft baby pink. You can add a touch of pink to a detail, such as contrasting the thread on a jacket or adding a fun pink necktie to finish a look. You can also amp up your outfit with a beautiful pink sport jacket or simply opt for a great pink shirt to wear with your core navy or grey suit.”

As we’re getting out and about again — finally! — the right distinctive formalwear is another indispensable. “Think of it like this, if you’re invited to a formal black-tie event, do you want to show up looking like the rental window at XYZ tuxedo store, the same place a high school senior might go for prom or do you want to show up and own the room?” 

Of course, the ultimate fashion is to be true to yourself and take every style strut with confidence. “If you don’t go with your own style, you either never end up wearing it or you don’t feel confident in yourself,” says Irma Martínez. “I always tell people to only choose looks that actually go with their personal style, while seasonally refreshing their wardrobe with a few new must-haves.” 

Perhaps Anna Ruiz sums it up best: “As you go through your wardrobe and edit out and add in new pieces, remember that every day is a special occasional, so live it up now and keep shining!”