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If you want to spruce up your poolside ambiance, check out these hot options sure to add some splash to any outdoor area you plan to utilize when the sun starts to scorch.

There are few scenes as idyllic and soothing as those of relaxing poolside on a hot summer day. It’s exactly this that inspired Shanan Campanaro’s latest work with her home design firm Eskayel, The Poolside Collection. Consisting of a series of rippling patterns available in an array of watery hues, The Poolside Collection comes in both wall covering and fabric forms, which can then be used for upholstery or the creation of eye-catching home accents. They’re also offering pre-made pillows, baskets, and even rugs in several of the patterns. Both fabrics and wall coverings are printed by way of the same process used for archival art reproduction. The results are textures that retain their hand-made feel, with visible brush strokes and pen marks. It’s a stunning way to add the aura of summer to the areas of your home designed to help you cool off when it gets hot;