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Digital music makes singles accessible, but the art of writing an album you could listen to in its entirety is fading. Thankfully there’s a rock band keen on keeping the tradition alive.
Text by Rony Mo | May 28, 2018 | Culture & Art

La Oreja De Van Gogh (Van Gogh’s Ear) are 5 musicians giving life to the practice of crafting a record you can listen to from cover to cover. Experts at shaping sonnets into soundtracks, their skill has won them MTV’s “Best Spanish Artist” and a Latin Grammy for “Best Pop Album.” Their career has spun 20 years and succeeded in selling nearly 10 million albums, but that doesn’t mean the band is stopping anytime soon. Their tour of South America ends just as their U.S. one begins. Catch them live next month on Mar. 14 at the Fillmore Miami Beach;