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Book Smart

Libraries are great, right? But you have to drive to them. Who has time for that anymore? Booksfree is the library that comes straight to your mailbox. Think of it like Netflix for books. A regular membership gives you a certain number of titles at a time, which you then mail back for the next ones on your queue. Even more awesome? Booksfree also does audio books on CD or MP3-CD, which makes for a perfect way to pass the time on that morning commute. Plans start at $10.99/month;

Cheer Up
Author Gretchen Rubin spent an entire year completely devoting herself to the quest for happiness — and picked up some pretty awesome wisdom along the way. She was also nice enough to save us the tough part, and created The Happiness Project Toolbox, an online resource full of tools that’ll help you along in your own quest to get happy. From lists to get organized to resolutions, life-lessons, dreams and inspiration, this Toolbox has everything covered;

Effective Workouts
When working out, as in any other area of life, there are ways to maximize both the benefit you get from the effort you put in, as well as making it seem like less of an effort! As you get ready to make your next trip to the gym, keep these tips in mind:
1. These days, we’ve all got some kind of portable music player on hand. Make several different playlists full of upbeat music to help keep you motivated while you work out.
2. Cross training and doing a high-intensity workout will promote greater fast loss post-workout. Women shouldn’t be afraid of doing resistance training or weight-lifting. It won’t make you look like a bodybuilder. That takes testosterone, which women have 10x less of than men — and it’s hard enough for men to get that big!
3. Change up your workouts and exercises. Not only will you keep yourself from getting bored, you’ll challenge your body’s different energy systems and muscle groups.
4. Contrary to popular belief, when performed with a full range of motion, resistance training actually increases flexibility instead of making you stiffer.
5. Swap those energy drinks for plain green tea. It’s refreshing and hydrating but contains less sugar and calories — and it won’t leave you with upset stomach.
6. Doing crunches will not melt belly fat away. What it will do is strengthen muscles around the midsection. Being able to see your abdominal muscles — the sought-after “six-pack” — just means you have low body fat.

› Alex Cure Ferreira was born in Brazil and now lives in South Florida. He has always enjoyed sports and loved being active. He is currently the Head Trainer/Owner of Cure Fitness in Brickell. For a consultation, call 786.286.2480 or visit his site at

“Politics is the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich by promising to protect each from the other.” — Oscar Ameringer

What’s Hiberdating?
It’s the fine art of ignoring everyone you know when you pick up a new significant other. Just remember — if you blow off all your friends now, who will you have to whine to when your new love turns out to be a horror show?




Kid Scold
Does talking to your kids sometimes feel like having a conversation with a brick wall? Getting on the same level by squatting or placing the child on your lap and maintaining eye contact to hold their attention.




Italian Vote
The record for the highest voter turnout for elections is held by Italy, at 92.5% of the population. Though voting used to be compulsory, it’s now a free choice. Apparently old habits die hard.