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The Beethoven Society is working hard to make Miami Ludwig’s town, one note at a time

It all started with a van: The Ludwig Van Beethoven, to be precise, a 1967 VW that the The Beethoven Society’s founders drove up and down Brickell Ave. It’s that sense of fun that infuses much of the society’s efforts to see their chosen composer made a key part of Miami’s atmosphere. Several years ago, Founder Gustavo Alfredo Noguera succeeded in having a section of 9th St. co-designated in honor of Beethoven’s famous Ninth Symphony. Next up was the Beethoven Promenade, located just north of Brickell Station. City residents may recognize it as the spot where they’re greeted with opening notes from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony when stepping onto the platform. The society has big plans for continuing to develop the promenade and for winning over more naming rights for their beloved Ludwig…so stay tuned;