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Beauty. It inhabits every aspect of our isle, from its scenic natural lustre to the enticing interiors of our homes. Meet a woman responsible for imbuing it with that much more aesthetic excellence.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 7, 2018 | Culture & Art

Short though it may be, anyone who’s spent time as a resident of our Key is aware: We live in an area imbued with history. From frequent shopping destinations to beloved eateries, there are certain cultural landmarks that will always scream “home” to the true Key Rat. One such iconic institution, long beloved by all creatively-inclined Key inhabitants, is Commenoz Gallery, allowing our community access to world-class examples of artistic excellence for an impressive 25 years. The lovechild of local savant Naydu Commenoz, Commenoz Gallery boasts an ever-impressive range of artist’s works, running the gamut from the meticulously maritime-themed sculpture of Herve Loic to the mulberry paper-infused aggregations of Kwan Young Chun, this is a must-stop for anyone truly in love with the creative side of the human spirit;