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Deep Cuts

A groundbreaking gallery space ensuring landmark artists are given the spotlight they so desperately deserve, Miami Beach’s David Castillo Gallery continues to be an integral voice in Miami’s art scene.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | All Images Courtesy of David Castillo Gallery | October 31, 2018 | Culture & Art

It would be easy to play it safe in the Miami art world. Hang a few commercially valuable pieces, spotlight safe artists from across the Latin World, highlight the one or two controversial conversation pieces you showcase next to a legion of cookie-cutter contemporary pieces sure to offend no one, and you have the perfect recipe for just another Wynwood art gallery sure to attract a few private sellers and an appropriate amount of media attention. It’s a path that gallery owner David Castillo felt impossible to take. Now in its 13th year as a preeminent place of import in the still-expanding Miami gallery world, the David Castillo Gallery, whether in its original home in Wynwood or its more recent Miami Beach space, seems to, like a post-modern Midas, add relevance to whatever it touches. A graduate of both Yale University and the Angelicum in Rome, Castillo’s lifelong interest in all areas of art and his experience in both museums and assisting private sellers means that anything curated by this bastion of our arts scene is sure to intrigue and engage. Currently offering breakthrough exhibition Sundown, Xaviera Simmons’ staggeringly prescient examination of African American history through the lens of text paintings, photography and sculpture, anyone’s first stop for truly stimulating pieces should look no further than this mecca of everything creative;