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Forceful Form

A first-generation Cuban artist and unimpeachable portion of our city’s artistic community, Abstrk’s work encapsulates the whole of an ever-complex civic consciousness.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 7, 2018 | Culture & Art

Upon meeting Abstrk, you quickly realize that the artist’s love affair with this city began as so many did — the son of Cuban immigrants, his family arrived in Miami during the tumultuous ‘60s. Cutting his teeth in the classic Miami mural mold but now expert at an impressive number of media, Abstrk’s works can be seen all across Miami, the continental U.S. and The Caribbean, all sporting, whether clothing, canvas or cargo container, the same deft deconstruction of form and powerful palette integration that has won him such renown at home and around the world. A tireless creator whose painted most corners of our still-emerging metropolis, one the programs Abstrk is most excited about is relevant to the citizens our own sunny isle, being one of the artists selected by Heineken to endow the abandoned Seaquarium with the captivating color it so desperately deserves;