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A clear counterpoint to the image of the art collector as a stodgy, cobwebbed miser, collector couple Javier & Monica Mora take a lively approach to their appreciation of the visual arts.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 7, 2018 | Culture & Art

It’s an age-old image that’s hard to shake: In addition to fostering the arts, what concept accompanies the idea of an art collector? A large NO TOUCH sign, hung hurriedly over the whole of a home before carefully catered cocktail parties and lifeless entertainment? Lively, Latin and professionals of a contemporary mode, 30-year veterans of the collecting work Javier & Monica Mora strive to break down that stilted stereotype. “We became art collectors out of love and appreciation for the arts,” say the Moras, society regulars and philanthropically-enthused Key Biscayne residents well recognized in civic events held over the decades. “We started collecting art objects back in the 1980’s, even before we got married, while visiting art fairs, galleries, artist studios and auctions.” With a collection that includes landmark pieces by an amazing array of artists, one must wonder, does collecting rob the couple of their joy for painting and the like? “Not at all,” says Javier. “Though it does take some time and certainly a financial commitment, living day-to-day with the art you love is so fulfilling that it is well worth the effort! The passion just doesn’t diminish over time; it is refreshed by our always-evolving collection!”