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Although bearing so many positive qualities, perhaps the most endearing aspect of our isle is that, while progress doubtlessly influences our village life, it does so at our pace, a fact which these before and after photos immaculately illustrate.
Text by Ryan Jarrell. Before photo courtesy of the Key Biscayne Historical & Heritage Society After photo by Marcelo Araica | May 8, 2018 | Culture & Art

Taken circa 1953, the before photo showcases one of the earliest iterations of that beloved cultural hub known simply as The Key Biscayne Shopping Center, a staple of early Island life. Later expanding to include Vernon’s Drugs, a business recognizable to generations of Key Biscayners which featured the Island’s earliest phone booth, the shopping center is still around today, radiating a heritage and charm generally bereft in townships bordering such emergent urban cityscapes. — Ryan Jarrell