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Mixing Mediums

Meet 3 ultra-creative ladies who are elevating entertainment and arts with amplified exhibits of pure, unedited talent while shining in various artistic mediums.
Text by Estrellita S. Sibila | May 22, 2018 | Culture & Art

Maria Theresa Barbist
Currently an artist in residence at Bakehouse Art Complex, Maria Theresa Barbist explores the effects of psychological trauma on the physical body, memories, and the self via performance, film and sculpture. Born and raised in Austria, she worked as a psychologist before relocating to California to study art therapy and later earned her MFA in New Genres from San Francisco Art Institute. Her performance pieces remix mediums of art into 3D objects by reversing the power dynamics of creator and creation. “My artwork serves my life, informs it, changes it and makes me understand what is difficult to see — parts of myself that are vulnerable, memories and emotions within hidden, unconscious space,” she says; — Photo by Gary Sexton

Meghan Walsh
Acclaimed visual artist and poet Meghan Walsh marries fashion and music as she leads the creative design for Indian-inspired fashion label Blank Silk by Meghan Walsh. “I’ve grown up singing and dancing my entire life, but my passion has always been design and the fine arts,” she says. “I started writing music from my poetry, called a few friends to listen, and together we produced my first song and music video. It’s exciting to see my artistic creations come together through music.” Her newest single “Somethang” showcases a sultry range of vocals over a smooth melodic jazzy track that will leave you wanting more. From fashion and design to songwriting and performance, Walsh stylishly showcases her range for all to enjoy; — Photo by Troy Tackett

Gissi Jimenez
Fashion illustrator and architect Gissi Jimenez is the Head Editor & Fashion Illustrator for The Architect Of Style. Trained in visual arts at the Bellas Artes National Institute and the Altos De Chavon Design School, her artistic style is girly, chic and minimalist, styles that are reflected in illustrations filled with feminine flair and featured on pillows and phone cases. “I wanted to expand my artwork and make my illustrations be part of everyday things,” she shares as she sketches her signature girls with extra-long eyelashes. She’s often commissioned for custom illustrations, live drawings at special events and other art and lifestyle ventures; — Photo by David Pulgar