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Reading Is Fundamental

Bibliophiles, it’s your favorite time of year! That’s right, that exhilaratingly erudite (and endlessly entertaining) cavalcade of authors, illustrators and personalities of all types known as the Miami Book Fair is once more upon us!
Text by Ryan Jarrell Photos Courtesy of Miami Book Fair | May 7, 2018 | Culture & Art

It’s undoubtedly the scholastic event of the already-happening Miami social season: a book fair that is so much more than the quaint and cozy convention the words seem to imply. Annually bestowing upon our city a sizzling segment of the year’s most coveted literati, if you haven’t worked the Miami Book Fair into your annual schedule of events, concerts and lectures, you’ve been missing out! Featuring a slew of influencers in the fiction and non-fiction fields, including (but certainly not limited to) fan-favorite Sci-Fi Writer Mercedes Lackey, famed Graphic Novelist Faith Erin Hicks and even former Vice President Joe Biden, the MBF will also feature such ingeniously interactive spectacles as its charmingly colorful Children’s Alley, a number of notable food vendors and modish Friends Of The Fair-only lounge where VIPs can gnosh, slosh and dissect the day’s events. A once-in-a-lifetime event Miamians can experience over and over again; Nov. 13-19,