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Save the Stadium!

A new group called Friends of Miami Marine Stadium has recently formed to protect one of Florida’s most threatened landmarks. As the City of Miami develops its Master Plan for Virginia Key, Friends of Miami Marine Stadium seeks to make sure this magnificent resource is preserved and a plan is created to maximize its public use. The group plans to lobby aggressively for its retention and possible historic designation. The nearly 7,000-seat grandstand was damaged by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 and has been closed ever since, although it is the first recognized landmark structure created by Cuban architects in Miami post-exile. With the new Master Plan for Virginia Key, this magnificent architectural work sample of the Modern Movement is in danger of being demolished. The organization wants to encourage everyone to contact elected officials to emphasize that a renewed stadium needs to be part of the Virginia Key Master Plan. For more information on this important piece of Miami heritage and history, or how to get involved, visit

Mid-Life Crisis?
Q: I consider myself to be in great shape since I eat right and workout regularly. I recently bought a shorter-than-usual dress and have been the subject of teasing from my husband, kids, neighbors and friends ever since. Most have even asked if I’m entering into an early mid-life crisis at 42! Although I realize their words are in jest (at least I hope so!), isn’t there truth in laughter? Am I just too old to wear anything above the knee?
A: You are never too old to wear anything above the knee as long as it makes you feel and look the way you want. It sounds like you have always placed an importance in your self-image. If I could picture you in my mind I imagine a beautiful woman full of energy. The clothing you choose to wear is acceptable, as long as your “shorter-than-usual” dress allows you to walk with style and elegance while maintaining the positive image your family has portrayed of you. Make sure that in this so-called “mid-life crisis,” you continue to give your husband the same attention or even more. As for your children, it all depends on their age and gender. I’m assuming your children are adolescents going through a life change as well. They may be teasing you since their friends also wear stylish, short dresses. As for your friends and neighbors, you may be the envy of many women in your community. Next time they tease you, give them some tips on how to stay fit, young and looking their best. And always remember to keep focusing on you and your well-being. Don’t let anyone discourage you.
› Lisette Beraja of Beraja Counseling Center is a licensed marriage and family therapist with more than 10 years of experience working with children, adults, couples and families. If you have a question you’d like answered in a future edition of Key Biscayne Magazine, email it to [email protected] or [email protected]. Due to high volume, we will not be able to respond to all submissions. All names will be withheld to ensure the privacy of our readers.

“It is essential that the community unites to ensure the preservation and evolution of the Miami Marine Stadium.”
— Violette Sproul, Key Biscayne resident

Wild Concert
In the 1970s, a Lynard Skynard concert resulted in near-riot, closing the Miami Marine Stadium to similar events for years afterward.




Get Drenched
In the late 1980s, The Miami Marine Stadium used to be awash with boats that would thunder past spectators during hydroplane races.




The year the Miami Marine Stadium was built on Virginia Key. It has been closed since Hurricane Andrew damaged it in 1992.