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Scullery Supplements

Let’s face it: You could have a galley full of gadgetry and still have some room in your heart for additional kitchen and dining room accessories. Collected below are some of our prime picks for cookhouse accoutrements.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 11, 2018 | Culture & Art

1. Ceramic Dishware by Levi Mahan Cost: Contact for pricing Why we picked it: A professional potter born and raised among the folkways of North Carolina’s red clay region, Mahan’s works are the culmination of thousands of years of ceramic artistry. Owning a plate or a bowl is one thing, owning a palpable piece of a tradition honed over generations is quite another. Available in a wide variety of styles. Where to get it:

2. Chops Cutting Board by iLoveHandles Cost: $65 Why we picked it: An ingenious solution to the eternal issue of where to store that most cumbersome of kitchen equipment, this nifty package comes with two wooden cutting boards that magnetically connect to a metal knife rack. Aesthetically pleasing and overwhelmingly pragmatic, what’s there not to love about this final solution to an age-old problem? Where to get it:

3. Maverick 5-Piece Dining Set Cost: $1,699 Why we picked it: A bold, contemporary piece hand-selected by the local design aficionados at El Dorado Furniture, this wavy metallic dining room set contains everything we love about the modern Miami aesthetic. The accompanying high-backed chairs add a regal and elegant undertone to any occasion. Comes with a polished stainless steel base and clear glass tabletop. Where to get it: El Dorado Furniture, 2475 SW 8th St.;

4. Cookware by Duparquet Copper Cookware Cost: Contact for pricing Why we picked it: Besides adding an illustrious appeal to any home kitchen, copper cookware is truly essential for anyone passionate about the culinary arts. Rhode Island-based coppersmiths Duparquet handcraft each of their quality pieces, determined that each will last not just for a lifetime, but for generations. Where to get it:

5. Chef’s Knife by Nafzger Forge Cost: $400 Why we picked it: The only knife you’ll ever really need, these carefully crafted blades are hand-forged by famed Chef Ben Noffsinger. Combining the latest in materials and technology with good old-fashioned love of vocation, the maker’s meticulous dedication shines through in every blade produced. The best thing about them? In an age of 48-hour warranties and yearly smartphone replacements, Noffsinger’s knives come with a lifetime guarantee. Where to get it: