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Second Act

Artist Nancy Reyna grew up in Venezuela, taking her tropical surroundings for granted, but always having a knack for “seeing the beauty in a pile of leaves on the street,” as a friend once observed.
Text by Sandy Lindsey | May 1, 2018 | Culture & Art

When life closes a door, a new one opens. More than 22 years ago, the husband of Artist Nancy Reyna passed away and she had to create a new life for herself. That was when she decided to take her first watercolor class. “The watercolors I use allow light to pour right through them, like stained glass windows, so they have a special glow,” she says. “Luxurious tropical color, lush foliage, light streaming over a bush, secrets inside the shadows, and joyful butterflies around a garden bench can make me feel happy, peaceful and energized. I’m full of wonder and awe at nature’s own works of art. My paintings radiate the emotions and the energy I feel when I look at around — I paint to share that with the world.” She’s lived in Miami for over 32 years now, teaching watercolor at the elementary and college levels and raising her family here as well. “Miami has taught me about the lush, tropical world, which has always pulled at my soul.”;