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It behooves us to glimpse the lives of those who have endured great tragedy. Gary Nader, acclaimed Art Director & Gallerist, brings Miami a learning moment in The Crossing Point.
Text by Ryan Jarrell | May 14, 2018 | Culture & Art

Azerbaijani Photographer Rena Effendi witnessed tremendous suffering in an unlikely place. In Idomeni, Greece, a small coastal village flush with the border of Macedonia, hundreds of Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi refugees huddled in squalor, escaping racking violence in their home countries only to face an uncertain and petrifying future. Mesmerized by the despair, Effendi set about documenting the fallout from Syria’s decimating civil war in photographs. In partnership with philanthropists Amed Khan and Frank Giustra, and under the curation of New York’s Gary Nader, Rena Effendi brings The Crossing Point to Miami from Nov. 28-Dec. 15. Showcased in the Gary Nader Art Centre, all proceeds from the exhibition will benefit the Radcliffe Foundation Refugee Crisis Fund. This org provides direct aid to refugees in the form of housing, medication, food and sanitation supplies;