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Text by Ryan Jarrell | April 20, 2018 | Culture & Art

Life Cycles
A charming chunk of civic architecture fast on its way to recasting how Miamian’s define mobility, Apr. 7 will see the Miami Underline Spring Cycling Series, hopefully with you in tow! Starting at the Dadeland North Metrorail Station at 11 a.m., riders will be encouraged to pedal through the planned setting for an innovative 10-stop experience while enjoying choice bites from cutting-edge purveyors of catering and engaging historical tours of the region. Rides are free with a suggested donation of $10;’t Worry, Be Hoppy
Now celebrating its 5th year as Miami’s finest craft-brew centric carnival, the Sprung! Spring Beer Festival will continue to provide all the entertainment, edibles and extraordinarily extensive selection of breakthrough brews we’ve come to expect. From live music to cooking demos, visitors will find no end to the amusements on tap as they enjoy the unlimited craft beer samples available from a staggering assortment of vendors; Apr. 7;

Walk On The Wild Side
Easter is historically a time of renewal and appreciation, a solstice celebrating that Spring is in the air and life is to be savored. And what better way to manifest that magnificent Sunday than by spending it with friends both furred and feathered? A peerless piece of programming, the ZooMiami Egg Safari features not only timeless classics such as an engaging egg hunt and visits by everyone’s favorite holiday hopper, but fun for the many 4-legged friends that make their home there; Apr. 1;

Pourer Play
A poignant popup evoking all the ambience of our culture’s unofficial capital, The Craftsman Miami in Brickell has continued to serve the finest in craft beers and choice selections of sandwiches, signature burgers, small plates and salads. Occupying the spot formerly held by Brother Jimmy’s BBQ and opened just in time for Thanksgiving last year, make sure you check out this New York-inflected eatery next time you’re in the mood for some bites and sips in style; Bark 30
An event that could only be held in our uniquely canine-compassionate city, just what exactly could be better than a night out at premier cinematic super-spot Cinépolis Coconut Grove? Why, bringing your dog as a date, of course! That’s right, Apr. 10 will see the monthly Movie Night With Your Dog taking place at everyone’s favorite metropolitan movie theatre, allowing moviegoers to watch a film with Fido in town while supporting a number of notable animal charities and shelters. A “pup-up” event not to be missed;

Fairytale Chill
A charming, captivating (and frankly more cost-effective) way to enjoy all the eccentric whimsy of neighboring Orlando’s Disney World without the prohibitive 4-hour car ride, Disney On Ice will once again be enlivening the AAA Apr. 5-8. Featuring classic characters and more recently imagineered icons, this soothing spectacle is sure to provide lasting memories for both you and your little ones, all while performing an array of the institution’s hit songs; Artistry
A sensational counterpoint to North America’s Stomp, Argentine-incepted and internationally lauded choreographical extravaganza Che Malambo is a athletic and artistic experience not to be missed. Drawing deep from the wells of South American culture and emphasized with an array of indigenous instruments such as whirling boleadoras and booming bombos, enjoy an interpretive glimpse into the life of the gaucho through the lens of this superbly trained dance troupe’s expansive imagination; Apr. 15; Mix
Part pop-inflected jam band, part artful ode to the Americana spirit, the technically brilliant and terminally catchy riffs of The Revivalists have made them a popular choice for anyone wishing to sample a significant slice of modern-day rock ‘n’ roll. Still riding high off the success of 2015’s Men Amongst Mountains and hit single “Wish I Knew You,” who knows what inventive new tracks this soulful 7-member band will unveil during their upcoming foray to The Magic City; Apr. 13, Your Grandma’s Bingo Night
It seems to rock headlines across every medium of media available: Endured for untold thousands of years, the struggles women suffer both domestically and abroad are continuing to be unveiled. Faced with such a ferocious array of facts, how can our Miami matriarchs manage to finagle even a fraction of fun? With Bingo, of course! Hosted by the indomitably elegant Freehand Miami, Ladies Night Bingo features fantastic prices on bites and beverages as well as chances to win a number of prizes; Apr. 4, Cool
A poignant performer whose talent has spread her influence well beyond the bonds of her native Brazil, Faena LIVE is continuing to mark itself as a serious contender on the cultural curation front by inviting Vanessa De Mata to perform in their state-of-the-art auditorium during her first-ever U.S. tour. Continuing their exploration of the acoustic arts of Brazilian performers, De Mata is sure to bring her characteristic intimacy and consummate musicality to this vivacious venue; Apr. 3; Of History
An artful ode to one of our neighboring nation’s most innovative composers, Apr. 8 will see the Miami-Dade County Auditorium once more celebrating a songster of surprising depth with its 5th consecutive Festival International Ernesto Lecuona. Featuring a diverse talent pool of dancers, musicians and performers of all stripes performing the best and brightest from this powerful Cuban composer’s repertoire, be prepared to fall in love with this woefully under-celebrated artist’s catalog all over again; Of The Town
A property-wide event directly benefiting the imminently necessary Autism Speaks and showcasing CityPlace Doral as the ultimate dining and entertainment destination, Taste Of CityPlace Doral will be an essential stop for anyone who wants to help a compassionate charity while sampling tantalizing offerings of a number of expert gastronomes. Attendees will be encouraged to dance to live entertainment by Latin Band Treebo on the plaza in between noshes; Apr. 5; Upper Hound
The newest and tallest residential tower south of New York City, the ace executives behind monumental multiuse luxury spire Panorama Tower know that the fastest way to a Miamian’s heart is through their poochy pals. Which is precisely why they’ve recently announced all-inclusive and exceptionally elegant dog hotel Dogtown as their first retail tenant. Offering a number of absolutely pug-nacious perks to Panorama Tower residents (including early drop-offs and other welcomed upgrades), this care-free and cageless kennel is also open to the public. A “mastiff” addition to this awesome edifice; A High Note
The stage adaptation of one of the most iconic films of the early ‘90s, Bodyguard: The Musical is, more than simply the tale of a sensational celebrity and her protector, a deep and profound panoply of the late, great Whitney Houston’s most cherished songs and ballads. Recasting the tale of the overconfident Rachel Marron and grimly realistic Frank Farmer into our present day, fans of Houston’s wider work on the original film will find plenty to love about this thrilling production; Apr. 3-8;

Generations Unite
What’s better than one of our many marvelous metropolises trademark fiestas? Why, partying on behalf of our community’s children, of course! Featuring music, cocktails and decadent bites surrounded by only the best and brightest of Miami’s philanthropic community, the annual Voices For Children Party For A Cause is an excellent way for our city’s many civically minded locals to talk about, give to and empower the organization, benefitting abused, abandoned or neglected children and youth. Sponsored by Bacardi and held at effortlessly elegant The Loft on Bayshore, this is one event you can’t afford to miss; Tickets: $100; Apr. 28,

Sushi Surprise
Launched just a month ago, and already causing quite a stir among locals and visitors alike, Sushiato Brickell is the delicious descendant of Weston’s fabulous landmark location of the same name. A Latin-Asian fusion concept that gracefully tows the line between authentic and modern, Sushiato’s marvelous menu gives diners a deep glimpse into the future of what our city’s food scene will look like. Their opening night’s array was well-complemented by Foss Marai’s award-winning Italian Prosecco that enhanced the entrées and appetizers on offer;