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For artist Lu Gold, inspiration is easier to come by than you might imagine. That’s because it’s all around her, rain or shine.
Text by Cecilia Dubon Slesnick | May 18, 2018 | Culture & Art

Miami native Lu Gold is not your typical artist. She’s a busy mother of two who has to schedule her painting in between school pick-ups and packing lunches. Since she was in elementary school, she’s known that she wanted to be an artist. Her art teacher first piqued her interest, and friends asking her to draw this and that further validated her God-given talent. A graduate of Miami’s prestigious New World School Of The Arts, Gold eventually went to study art at MICA. It was while she was away from Miami that she discovered just how much the city inspired her. “The local environment can be scary with its alligators and snakes in The Everglades, but I think there’s great beauty in these places,” she says. Today, Gold has participated in several group shows and has been on display at art galleries around the world. In the past, she primarily painted with oils to create colorful palettes. Recently, however, she’s been focusing more and more on the natural environs in South Florida and has also been experimenting with a new medium using ink and mylar to achieve a water-like aesthetic in her monochromatic pieces;