These innovative timepieces use a jeweler’s eye for the perfect cut to create a truly stunning effect that not only tells time but helps you keep it.

Exemplary Rides

Mercedes-Benz of Coral Gables just celebrated a big anniversary: 55 years as a dealer of the luxury automotive line that brought German car engineering to the U.S.

Modern Vibe

The spirit of the 1960s is back with a vengeance. Live it up with this pair of Mod Era-inspired timepieces.

Full Ride

Chevy ups the style ante with their sleekly redesigned 2014 Impala ready to take on the highways and byways with a vengeance.

Drop Tops

Whether you’re cruising down the street or speeding down the highway, the journey will be more fun in one of these sophisticated, agile and powerful luxury convertibles designed with our year-round fabulous weather in mind.

Wow Factor

An uncompromising 4-door coupe with stunning beauty, innovative brains and turbocharged brawn, the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class promises to elevate pulses at a jaw-dropping value.

Heavenly Simplicity

Sometimes less truly is more, especially when it comes to this pair of timepieces in an outstandingly singular palette: a pure, spotless white.

Looking Sporty

Think luxury timepieces and sporting ones are distinct categories? These two stunning examples might change your mind with their melding of athletic looks and slick sport styling.

Road Wow

Find out why the new Range Rover Sport is Land Rover’s fastest and most agile vehicle yet, and how it plans to leave the competition in the dust.

Dangerous Curves

The Mercedes E-Class used to be a stylish, but less-than-exciting option, but suddenly it seems like a pure bad boy in a bespoke suit.

Time Savvy

Part of the true jetset? Celebrate that international lifestyle with these travel-inspired timepieces ready to tell time around the world.

Posh Performance

While most sedans are bland, soul-less grocery-getters, this assortment redefines the breed. All are cocoons of decadence that are fast, sleek and nimble, with appointments that make a limousine seem like a taxi.

Miami Time

South Florida wrists wear some of the most sophisticated watches in the world. However, in the case of RAPP’s 5 collections, these fabulous timepieces were actually designed with The Magic City in mind.

Rare Rides

Collector cars are no different than any other investment in that you need to do your homework and know what you are bidding on long before you raise your paddle.

Wise Looks

The new wave of smartwatches combine slick style with some seriously cool hi-tech features, giving you even more instant access to top-tier futuristic functionality.

American Adrenaline

For years, Cadillac has set the standard for American luxury vehicles, and while the CTS-V is certainly a magnificent car, it has the kind of world-class performance that’s causing other luxury brands a lot of sleepless nights.

The Luxe Factor

On the surface, the definition of luxury is pretty straightforward — it’s a Harry Winston watch, a red-hot Ferrari or a bottle of Pétrus. But if we dig deeper, the question is up for philosophical debate.

Packing It In

Transport all your prized possessions, grooming must-haves, wardrobe can’t-live-withouts and anything else you feel you need to take on your next trip in style with these luxurious travel cases made for even the most frequent traveler.

Sticker Shock

The most amazing features of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class are its stellar looks and its out-of-this-world price.

Essential Timing

This pair of deluxe timepieces will give you a sense of pride each time someone asks you for the time — and that alone makes them well worth the investment.

Up, Up & Away

Owning a private jet is high up on anyone’s bucket list, but that level of ownership requires a lot of effort. Conversely, fractional ownership or charters means you only spend an amount commensurate with actual air time, plus you get the services of experienced pilots and maintenance crew, the ability to choose the exact aircraft each trip requires and a constantly upgraded fleet.

Perfect Timing

True love lasts forever. Give a timeless gift this Valentine’s Day with these watches that will make sure you arrive on time no matter where your date takes you.

Two’s Company

A pair of seats is all you need to turn a mundane drive into a romantic adventure when you have a car that combines breathtaking performance, heart-stopping good looks and a throaty exhaust rumble.

Game Time

Today’s active lifestyle demands timepieces that are comfortable, functional and stylish and can take you from the gym to a night on the town in no time.

Auction Abundance

Television shows such as American Pickers have sparked an interest in collectible cars, but most of us will never stumble across a dusty, low-mileage ‘65 Corvette in a barn.

Investment Time

Some people buy a watch to simply know the time, but true aficionados are looking for a statement piece that could increase in value as time passes. Here’s how to find that perfect timepiece to add to your collection.

Timeless Gifts

We see the same problem every Mother’s and Father’s Day, children furrowing their brow in front of the display cases trying to figure out what to buy. To ensure satisfied and grateful parents this year, I’ve scoured the world of Horology to bring you the hottest trends in fine watches.

Winning Watches

Show the world that you’ve got game with these unique Christophe Claret watches that celebrate Lady Luck.

Jeep Racer

Jeep’s new Grand Cherokee SRT proves not all SUVs are big, boxy and no fun.

Invigorating Sedan

To some, making the transition from a sportscar to a four-door sedan is akin to admitting one has achieved middle age. Mercedes’ CLA is a sedan that lets you keep telling yourself you are “30-ish.”

Global Time

This year, the legendary watchmaker Hublot has taken the World Cup to a whole new level with a pair of luxury watches sure to compete with the footwork on the field.

Strap Up

Unisex watch brand Larsson & Jennings turns their minimalist signature classic case and dial into a collection of different watch options through interchangeable woven and leather straps.

Wet Ride

Want a boat to explore Biscayne Bay and the surrounding waters or an open-top Jeep to cruise A1A? How about both? Yeah, it’s possible.

Righteous Rides

If you ask 5 people to define what a luxury vehicle is, you’d get 5 widely different answers reflecting their personality, lifestyle, driving style and the manner in which the vehicle is used. Accordingly, we developed this eclectic mix of the world’s finest vehicles for this foray into the best new luxury vehicles for South Florida.

Perfect Storm

Hurricane Lamborghini is approaching South Florida at 200 MPH, with seating for 2, all-wheel-drive and more attitude than a room full of Kardashians. In short, this car is a dream come true for attention junkies.

Eternal Time

Owning a luxury timepiece is a wonderful investment. Some people equate it to owning a luxury car. And as anyone who owns a piece of art can confirm, it takes some work and dedication to keep it in tip-top shape. Here are a few things to consider.

Clips & Caché

Adding a brooch can amp up any look with a punch of personal style, but have you considered what a shoe clip can do for your head-to-toe look?

Fresh Fizz

The Foss Marai Collection of sparkling wines prefers partying to cellaring. Keep a few bottles on hand to start a celebration with just the pop of a cork.

Label Mates

Wine labels are more than a brand name and a drawing of a Château. It’s an explanation of what’s going on in the bottle and protects consumers from making costly mistakes. Unfortunately, the code isn’t uniformly applied, but there are key words to look for that will help you make sense of it all.

WOW Nails

Diamonds and a little black dress are staples of a glamorous holiday wardrobe. Now it’s time to have that stunning combination at your fingertips courtesy of haute jeweler Azature.


Sweet Treats

From the Everything Cookie to PB&J, Blueberry Cheesecake and S’Mores, Chip City has a flavor for just about any taste in Miami and beyond.