Intriguing Allure

Sleek silhouettes and cutting-edge details help define an empowering, enticing look for Fall.

Bold Artifacts

Striking furniture objects and clothes merge into the savoir faire of today’s contemporary lifestyle.

Glamorous Details

Accessories can make all the difference between an outfit that fades into the crowd and a look that rocks the party. Make a statement at your next soiree with these show-stopping essentials to add to your wardrobe.

Tote Strut

Once you have all the gym essentials you need in your closet, you’ll want something equally fashionable to carry it all in. These bags will get you through the season at your most fit and finest.

Essential Luxe

Stay bold this time of the season with these enticing & luxurious gems ready to make an impact wherever your social itinerary takes you.

Fine ARTchitecture

Sculptural, geometric and voluminous silhouettes merge alongside the abstract elements of paintings, artist installations and special collections at PAMM.

Indulge Demeanor

Light fabrics and relaxed silhouettes combine for a quintessential wardrobe that embraces an effortless lifestyle.

Strange Love

Dresses with poetry, body-con silhouettes, transparencies and bold lingerie combine to reveal the silence of passion and love.

Oh, Jackie

Whether you find yourself in cooler temperatures or the warmth of The Sunshine State, this winter fashion pays homage to the classic & chic flair of Jackie O, with a spotlight on her signature flowing shin-length skirts.

Hard Candy

Colorful, bold & extravagant, these clothes and jewels will exhilarate the season’s mood.

C’est la Vie

The summer is just on the horizon in its full splendor, and these demure resort looks will help you embrace an elegant yet relaxed demeanor wherever you go


Capturing femme elegance through precious jewelry pieces.

Artisanal Touch

Behold: The season’s most enticing collections, defined by detailed craftsmanship.

Eclecticism at Different Heights

Elevate your look this season with colorful, intricate dresses and separates that are far from your normal everyday dress code.

Valley of the Dolls

Clothes that connote the style transition between the ’60s and ’70s, including the daring mood of the girls who wear them.

Physical Crush

Beach-ready looks that exude confidence under the indulging rays of summer sunlight.

Miu Miu Moda

Extending over two floors and designed by architect Roberto Baciocchi, Miu Miu continues to expand its reign over fashion by arriving to Miami & The Design District with a summer collection hotter than the Florida sun.


Anyone who has ever dreamed of looking like a movie star understands the importance of these incredibly revolutionary big-screen looks, after all, these characters inspired fashion, costumes, haircuts and even lifestyles. Here are the 8 looks that rocked the movie industry in the past century.

Body Shop

Architecture, color & detail integrate for extreme and graphic silhouettes.

Earthy Delights

Harvest the season’s bold and luxurious treasures from nature & earth.

Awaken Your Inner Wardrobe Warrior

Every season comes with a tricky trend that’s not suitable for all shapes and sizes, and that’s a-okay. Knowing when to pass on a trend will keep you looking your best without sacrificing confidence. Here are a few tips on looking fresh, even if it’s not in this season’s silhouette. 

The New Future Of Fashion

To some, fashion trends may seem frivolous, but what’s popular in fashion is a visual barometer of much bigger trends in society. Here’s what’s next, what’s hot and what you can expect to see in a wardrobe near you.

Babes In Bikinis

Granted, it’s September — but any proud Miamian knows (and all those who travel here do as well) that the bikini is a must-have garment and part of the year-round ensemble at the tip of The Sunshine State.

Smart Jeans

Clothes most definitely make the man (or woman). Google wants to not only put wearers on the cutting-edge of fashion, but on the cusp of self-aware technology as well.

Baby, I Got Groove

From sunrise to sunset, these enthralling retro looks will inject a dose of energy to your confidence and character.

Resort Ready

No matter the season, one must always be prepared to be fab in a city as tropical and sun-swept as Miami. Onia is a brand that provides comfort, innovative fits and quality designs in active wear for the style-conscious.

Bold Living

A multi-colorful juxtaposition of elements adds up to memorable lifestyle moments.

Primal Leisure

Strength and beauty are defined by tailored and relaxed silhouettes that yield a contemporary lifestyle.

Intricate Encounters

Clothes with texture, structure and graphics meet The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse for a fashion journey like none other.

Custom Appeal

More than fabrics and stitches, a custom-fitted suit from Añel Sartoria pieces together the wearer’s personality and showcases a range of emotions for every creation.

Deliverance Mind

Freedom, mind and soul combine to yield a stylistic, expressive message for the ages.

Twice The Valentine

Trying to score a table at a restaurant for Valentine’s Day can be exhausting and expensive. Sure, romantic dinners are the date of choice for this special day, but you two are no ordinary pair and you prefer that your rendezvous is a little less predictable and a lot more conscious.

Uptown Downtown

Comfort is timeless and sartorial and yields essential menswear codes that will allow you to thrive for the right time and occasion.

Away from Harbor

Clothes that assert the exhilarating leisure of traveling and living by way of enticing contemporary details.

Hippy Heart Nation

Originally from Ibiza and founded by fashion maven Sitara, the fashion brand Hippy Heart now has a flagship store in Miami — bringing clothes and accessories that are eclectic, elegant and practical.

Savage Attitude

Clothes with artisinal finishes and tribal graphic effects attain the season’s extreme and carefree style combinations.

Tenure of Sophistication

Chic, debonair, luscious textiles, colors and graphics contribute to the seasons’ best styles.

Fundamental Distinction

Meet the season’s tailored flares, athleisure details, deconstruction and other components that offer character to the new take on basics.


Operatic Heights

Florida Grand Opera kicks off the 2023-24 season with a rousing performance of Giuseppe Verdi & Francesco Maria Piave’s La traviata, based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Alexandre Dumas, fils.

Express Yourself

With impeccable craftsmanship and an unwavering commitment to quality, Angela Horton’s designs encapsulate the allure of confident femininity.