Wynwood North

Take a stroll through the streets of Downtown Hollywood and you may do a double-take. No, you’re not in Wynwood. You’re viewing the Downtown Hollywood Mural Project’s collection of curated outdoor murals by local, national and internationally recognized artists.

Sleek Perfection

Just as the first Porsche 911 bears a striking resemblance to the latest offering from Stuttgart, so too has Zeelander’s iconic yacht design evolved, while remaining true to its roots. Both epitomize style, grace and sensuality.

Ocean Saviors

Contemporary artists have long had a strong bond to the beauty and mystery that is the ocean. The following create powerful visualizations that pay homage to the beauty of the sea as well as make a statement on human impact.

Patient Pups

Waiting for the right family can take time for a shelter dog, even those featured on our pages. Don’t assume the dog is immediately adopted. Always check with the shelter if you’re interested, the pup may still be there just waiting to go home with you.

Finance Leaders

The Master’s programs at the Miami Business School at the University of Miami offer several convenient options for people who want to further their knowledge to advance in their current job or prepare themselves for a career change.

Facial Contouring

No one likes that loose skin in the neck and accompanying jowling that is yet another indignity of aging. Until recently, the only way to fix this was a facelift or necklift. Now there’s Facetite and Accutite.

Flex Reflection

Most home gyms have mirrors. But not like this. Turn on the Mirror Interactive Home Gym and what looks like just another standard full-length mirror transforms your home into an immersive studio workout without all the bulky equipment.

Easy Entertaining

JW Marriott Marquis Miami and famed Chef Daniel Boulud’s Boulud Sud Miami have the perfect party spaces for holiday celebrations. From intimate lunches and dinners to grand holiday parties, there’s an ideal venue for every gathering.

Tranquilo y Tropical

I ’m writing this letter on a lazy Sunday as I’m swaying in my backyard hammock, catching some rays and enjoying a *hot* autumn breeze.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Better World

Africa is recognized as the “Cradle of Life” and the time has arrived to give back and nurture its critical wildlife, in-need communities and tribal cultures. Let’s come together to help save — and discover — this magnificent continent through philanthropic travel.

Magic Touch

If you’re looking to plan a high-profile private party, charitable event, an off-the-charts anniversary dinner, or a kid’s birthday they’ll remember forever, look no further than Maggie Creative Design. The highly talented team, led by Maggie Schell, specializes in bringing an element of surprise to the most elegant of events.

Enabling Creativity

Art plays a vital role in modeling our perspectives and enriching our lives. They inspire, challenge and expand our minds. Simply put, art is what makes us human. Here’s how you can help.

Gourmand Getaway

From local dishes to haute cuisine with Caribbean island flair, the British Virgin Island’s culinary scene is as diverse as the islands themselves. There’s no better time to indulge your palate than during the simply scrumptious BVI Food Fête.

Culinary Star

Inspired by its idyllic bayside setting, Amara at Paraiso brings together bold Latin American flavors, coastal ingredients and South Florida’s diversity of food culture to create the quintessential Miami waterfront restaurant. It’s also a top venue for Miami weddings.


Experts agree that adopting a bonded pair can ease the adjustment for the animals into their new environment because they have the familiarity of each other, and a built-in playmate and companion. For their new owner, it’s twice the cuddles, twice the love and double the fun.

Natural Beauty

The most popular superstar antioxidant, Vitamin C, can help brighten the complexion, even skin tone, protect against environmental damage, erase brown spots and even increase collagen production. Woo baby! But there’s more to the story.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Dressed & Impressed

I learned very early on that personal style is a very important tool to add to the arsenal of life.

The 411

Spotlighting news,launches, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Vibrant Influence

They eyes have it! For the rest of the season, the focus is on the beautiful windows to our soul. Go ahead, glam up!

Lip-Smacking Good

Virgin MiamiCentral, the new hub for all things transportation, business, dining and entertainment has just gotten more delicious with the announcement of some mouthwatering new culinary tenants for Central Fare, Downtown Miami’s newest dining destination.

Elevated Cuisine

One of Peru’s most acclaimed culinary landmarks, Nikkei Restaurant, is set to debut its first location in Miami this summer with Osaka.

Fun Times

While camp may simply seem like a quintessential summer pastime for kids to learn to swim, sleep in a cabin and sing around a campfire, why not think outside the box and send your child to Art Camp — right here in Miami!

Cuddly Cutie

Did you know that the term “three dog night” refers to the olden days without central heating when humans had to cuddle up with a trio of dogs to keep them warm? Humans and dogs have been cuddling for thousands of years. Now it’s your turn.

Tasty Goodness

Health-Ade is committed to brewing the best-tasting and highest-quality kombucha you can buy. Founded in 2012 in LA farmers’ markets, they brew the old-fashioned way: with living cultures.

Postcard P.S.

As the “feels like 108 degrees” and “it’s going to be a scorcher” weather forecasts dominate the Miami airwaves, I try to remain calm, cool and collected knowing that my summer travel plans are right around the corner.

Tiger Time

Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Tiger Woods can master any course within minutes of arriving on the green. Tag Heuer now offers the rest of us a way to improve our score.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.

Elite Automobiles

Key Biscayne Car Week is set to be a highlight of the social calendar, a one-of-a-kind automotive festival with the world’s most exclusive cars, intimate parties, stunning scenery and Emerson Fittipaldi.

Island Insights

In an island where everyone knows your name and the sun shines all year round, there’s one thing that everyone with a connection to Key Biscayne has in common: a love for the island that has meant so much to so many generations.

Hug Bots

Looking like a cross between an owl and a penguin, Lovot is meant to roam around the house, beg you for hugs and generally act as an adorable pet that will keep your family company and help you unwind after a long day.

Smart Golf

The Odyssey O-Works Putters are totally rad. Their revolutionary Microhinge Insert Technology has created a new way to roll (for both the style-conscious player and the ball) and changed the future of putting forever.

Environmental Impact

Miami Waterkeeper defends, protects and preserves Biscayne Bay, its watershed and wildlife through citizen engagement and community action rooted in sound science and research.

Great Bet

From world-class performers to local bands — and let’s not forget top comedians and special events — South Florida’s newest entertainment venue, the Casino at Dania Beach, rocks.

Alkaline Advice

Our bodies are designed to operate within a very narrow pH range, which is around 7.365 and slightly alkaline. The problem is many of the foods we love are very acidic. It’s time to get back in balance.

Creative Empowerment

When it comes to tools for personal growth and community awareness, art stands heads and shoulders above the rest. NOMADS Miami uses the photographic medium to promote womanhood and build a healthier, more vibrant and equitable world.

Clever Canines

Dogs are as intelligent as the average 2.5-year-old child, according to animal psychologists. They can understanding up to 250 words and gestures, can count up to 5 and are able to learn much more than you would expect.

Sunny Disposition

Summer is upon us and the whole world shines a little bit brighter.

The 411

Spotlighting news, launches, happenings, products & places in and around South Florida.


The A-Z Of New

As the world begins to open back up and we incorporate lessons learned into our daily routines, one thing’s certain: A few trends of our “new normal” are here to stay — and society will evolve significantly for the better because of it.

Haute Lineage

Aston Martin has defined timeless elegance and British handcrafted luxury for over a century.