Beauty & Wellness


Who says the gym is the only place to get a workout? Check out how you can get fit, expand your social circle, and have a blast this season and beyond.

Beauty Space

Hevia Cosmetic Dermatology recently celebrated their move to Coral Gables with a new office that visually exemplifies the essence of The New Standard in Aesthetics and features a blending of state-of-the-art technology with a retro-Hollywood glamour-meets-modern contemporary design.


If you’re in search for a much-needed spring spruce-up, head over to The Spa at Conrad Miami to get a revitalizing experience like none other.

zen A-z

One way to think of zen is as a total level of focus that yields a sense of harmony between mind, body and soul. Zen is a way of being — and it’s also a state of mind. If your goal is to find complete, absolute and balanced peace in your life and surroundings, follow this A-Z guide to ensure that you start heading on the path toward complete serenity — even if just for a few moments.

Better Gear

It’s time to turn in that ratty t-shirt and cut-off pair of sweatpants and get some gear that will truly help your workout. Sure, those old favorites seem comfortable when you slip them on, but they can have some unpleasant side effects when used for intense physical activity. The truth is that not all workout wear is created equal. Try these picks on for size next time a good sweat is on the agenda.

Summer Glow

Who says summer makeup has to be all about neon? For those who don’t dig chartreuse suits, there’s Dior’s new Garden Party Collection.

Aesthetic Impact

If you’ve been lingering in the mirror for a little too long lately, poking and proding, lifting and wishing, you’re not alone. Everyone wants to look their best. We’ve consulted with a few area beauty makers to help you understand what some of your treatment options are in today’s every-evolving medical field — whether you want to improve upon your skin, your smile or anything in between.

The Evolution of Beauty

Some people consider physical attributes such as skin, hair, eyes and body type as the cornerstones of beauty. Still others put inner beauty above all else. The image of beauty has shifted throughout time, but one thing has remained the same: The pressure to be beautiful. Join us as we briefly explore the different historical, cultural and societal impressions of beauty from ancient times through modern-day.

Solar Recovery

Prevention is the best medicine, but when it comes to sun exposure, sometimes even our best procedures fall short. Try these products when you get a bit more than you bargained for.

Weight-Loss Myths

Don’t be fooled by what you hear through the grapevine about weight-loss and body toning. Fitness expert Alex Cure-Ferreira sets the record straight.

Trade Tricks

Looking picture-perfect isn’t must for models anymore — Victoria’s Secret’s new VS PRO Collection makes it possible for you to look professionally flawless at home.

Top-Shape Tips

Staying fit is not just about exercise. A healthy lifestyle requires an all-around balanced routine. This includes a healthy diet, a set workout, lots of rest and a positive environment.

Younger Look

Exercise and eating right will help maintain a trim, fit physique, but when it comes to aging skin, looking younger can mean taking bigger steps.

Sunscreen Myths

Proper use of sunscreen is a huge step toward preventing skin cancer and premature aging, but many people are unaware of the steps needed to truly protect themselves. Local dermatologist Dr. TJ Giuffrida, M.D., helps us separate fact from fiction

Organic Beauty

This holiday season, treat someone in your life to the gift of a renewed, healthy complexion. These gift sets are a great way to introduce them to some of our fave organic beauty brands.

Fit Reads

Admittedly, that pile of trashy thrillers on our nightstands isn’t doing anything to keep us in good shape. But there are certainly good reads that are also great for our bodies. Check out these health-boosting titles.

Lunar Harmonies

Get back in tune with life and the universe with The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne’s innovative and other-worldly series of moon-phase themed spa treatments.

Looking Good

Want to truly take your fitness to the next level? Kettlebells will put your strength, balance, endurance and agility to the test — and your body will thank you for it.

Natural Woman

Who says effective beauty and anti-aging treatments have to be packed with harsh and harmful chemicals? Well, they don’t.

Fitness Fever

Discover some exciting fitness alternatives and get the mindset you need to stick to your exercise goals by understanding how to build good habits and reprograming the way you think so healthy aspirations become reality.

Playing Safe

When it comes to skin cancer, it pays to take precautions. But that doesn’t have to mean missing out on fun in the sun.

Neck Knack

Want to keep making that youthful first impression? Better take care of that true-age giveaway spot — and it’s not where you think.

Aging Fabulously

Author & Attorney Shavon Jones shares her tips for Miami-based professionals hoping to maintain a youthful look in our stressful, high-powered palm tree paradise.

Stay Protected

When hitting the street or sand for some outdoor activity this season, make sure to stay protected as much as possible to ensure your health is top priority.

Age Beaters

Who says we can’t fight the inevitable? With the new line of anti-aging products from Taylor Owen Beautiful, we can certainly try.

Deal Makers

We all like getting more for less. When it comes to haute couture, there’s an increasing range of options online for getting top labels at great savings.

Keeping Focus

While working hard to keep up with that seemlingly endless to-do list on a daily basis, make sure you don’t lose track of yourself.

Beautiful Insight

The Fountain Of Youth and promise of eternal beauty is like the Holy Grail — always eluding us. As a society, we’re in a constant quest for the next best beauty remedy. Between concoctions, elixirs, potions, new apparatuses, even mathematical formulations, we find ourselves in a perpetual pilgrimage in search of beauty. Herewith: Some expert perspectives on the subject to help you determine your next move.

Bright Side

Make sure to protect yourself from harmful sunrays whenever you’re outside with La Mer’s first in-sun collection, one of the latest offerings from the venerable brand.

Hair Ponderings

Unless you’re Bruce Willis, Jason Statham or our Editor-in-Chief Jorge Arauz, chances are you want a lush head of hair. There’s always hair transplants. But what about something simpler you can do yourself? Plus, unlike medications such as Propecia, these home lasers work for women as well.


Philanthropy Impact

Toby & Bill Rohrer have dedicated their time, talent and treasure to causes they passionately believe in — and their efforts have not only changed countless lives, they’ve also inspired others to make a difference with their own contributions.

Spirit of Giving

Key Biscayne is recognized around the world for the generosity and philanthropic endeavors of its residents. Meet a few islanders dedicating their free time toward causes they are passionate about in the hopes of doing their part to help make our community a better place to live, work and prosper.