The oldest Mercedes-Benz dealer in Florida is also the most successful in the entire southeast U.S. thanks to a vision and dedication that has accelerated Bill Ussery Motors onto the radars of even the most discerning automotive aficionados in Key Biscayne and beyond.

Daddy Drink

While the kids pamper Mom this Mother’s Day, let Dad relax with this cocktail made just for him — and don’t worry, Mom will love it, too.

From the Heart

Think outside the chocolate box this Valentine’s Day with these romantic gift ideas for him, her, both of you — or the entire family — all available right around the corner.

Star Treatment

With Exclusive Limo, Natalia Trushina and Lysvan Jimenez are determined to fulfill every customer’s transportation dreams —one ride at a time.

You’ve Arrived

When you win at Powerball, you will travel to Tallahassee to claim your hundreds of millions, which requires a limousine. Perhaps a Lincoln Towncar or a pink, stretched Hummer last inhabited by drunken bridesmaids? No; that won’t do; you’ll need a Maybach.

Wrist-worn Heirloom

Aficionados of one-of-a-kind timepieces opine that you don’t own the watch as much as you safeguard it for the next generation. Noble sentiment, but in case your heirs turn out to be ungrateful little brats, choose what makes you happy.


‘Tis the season for fabulous jewelry! Whether seeking something decadent & sparkling for yourself or a gorgeous holiday gift, this season’s latest collections from local Key Biscayne jeweler, Diamonds On The Key, is sure to please with that perfect something special for everyone on your list.

Liquid Luxe

Better, faster, and more lavish. From compact personal watercraft to yachts over 100 feet, getting on the water should be an unforgettable experience. The following nautical vessels represent the efforts of leading creative minds hard at work to help us get the most out of our ventures at sea.

Touchy Feely

Move over, Rolex. There’s a new kid in the watch world — or rather, an old kid. Swatch, kings of neon, have created an unapologetically funky touchscreen digital watch.

Speed Matters

Take these luxury sports cars for a spin and find out why once you get into one of these babies, you’ll never want to reach your final destination.

Pride & Precision

The folks at Bill Ussery Motors have been giving their clients service with a vroom since 1953 thanks to a family-ownership model that enables them to offer more flexibility with what they are able to do and how they choose to engage the community.

New Look

Since its inception, the M-Class has redefined what an SUV can be, with a legacy of groundbreaking safety and earth-embracing performance.

Lasting Tributes

These stunning timepieces pay homage to two truly inspiring figures while making sure you get complements with every tick-tock as you arrive on time and in style wherever your agenda takes you.


The A-Z Of New

As the world begins to open back up and we incorporate lessons learned into our daily routines, one thing’s certain: A few trends of our “new normal” are here to stay — and society will evolve significantly for the better because of it.

Haute Lineage

Aston Martin has defined timeless elegance and British handcrafted luxury for over a century.