Escaping Reality

Everyone deserves a break and we’re lucky to have fashion-forward staycations at our fingertips. So, go ahead, hang up your LBD, kick off your shoes and prepare to relax in style.

Lap Of Luxury

This sunny season’s style is inspired by the luscious greenery and exquisite architecture that defines this Key Biscayne estate in our paradise by the sea.

Shoulder On

You heard it here first, readers: A creative collaboration we’re surprised hadn’t already erupted, modern mavens Margherita Missoni and Ximena Kavalekas announce a series of stunning limited-edition handbags everyone’s shoulders should be itching to sport.

Destination: MDD

The Miami Design District redefines retail by providing a completely immersive and dynamic experience that offers innovative and accessible shopping, and goes on to include wellness, beauty and fitness, diverse restaurants with local concepts to celebrated chefs, rich cultural and public art programs and live music performances.

Glamorous Seas

Whichever way the wind blows this season, these extravagant looks will help you make an impact no matter where your itinerary takes you.

Couture Allure

Glamour, androgyny, royalty, fetish, fur, sequins, leather, PVC. The Fall/Winter season pulls out all the stops with everything from lavishly dramatic creations to stylish everyday wear that’s all about comfort.

Form & Function

These form-enhancing looks are sure to take your wardrobe to the next level this season and beyond — one piece at a time.

The Gifts of Key Biscayne

Stumped on what to get for everyone on your holiday shopping list? Check out these fabulous — and fabulously local — ideas, all available right here in Key Biscayne.

Hemingway Chic

We like to think of him as the granddaddy of awesome: Ernest Hemingway, the original man’s man.

Handbag Impact

Would you wear the same pair of beat-up shoes with every outfit? We hope not! Similarly, the most well put-together ensemble in the world will fall to pieces if you finish it with the same old frumpy handbag.

Chic Style

The word “chic” is very common when we’re talking about style — but what exactly does “chic” mean? And how do we create a “chic style”? It’s not as hard as you might think. Image & Style Consultant Marisol Gomez has some tips for you to follow.

Culture Style

If you’re a stylish guy living in The Magic City who refuses to trade comfort for fashion, a guayabera shirt is probably a staple in your wardrobe. If you need a little more inspiration to amp up your closet, check out these essential looks for any season.

Fierce Encounters

When it comes to creating an eye-catching, jaw-dropping style this season that demands some serious head-turns and welcomed double-takes, these looks are sure to yield the attention you’re after day and night.


Don’t let the never-ending trend reports and runway overviews overwhelm you this season! When it comes to fashion, it’s all about being educated about how best to cater your look to your body, personality and personal style

Party Frocks

Get dolled up in jaw-dropping, head-turning style this season with these ultra-feminine looks from designer Erin Fetherston.


When it comes to complementing your better half, look no further than these styles meant to spark a little romance while taking your wardrobe to new heights this season and beyond.

Date Night

How much more fun will that romantic night on the town be if you know you’re looking your best? And we don’t know about you, but our best means sparkly. These pieces are some current favorites for lending a bit of glittering glam to your look.

Memorable Nights

Whether you find yourself lounging, dining or dancing the night away, one thing’s certain: These looks will get you the attention you deserve no matter where you find yourself having a good time.

Luxe Waters

Whether on water or on land, these looks are sure to make you feel you’re best no matter where your itinerary takes you this season.

Side Effects

These local jewelers are creating some truly stunning look-finishing accessories for just about any occasion.


Hit the beach in style this season with these luxurious looks sure to make a splash in and out of the water no matter where your itinerary takes you.

Sparkling Choice

Looking for fine-quality jewelry at very competitive prices? Check out Nemaro Jewelers.

Fierce Tranquility

When it comes to showing off all the assets you’ve worked so hard to achieve this season, remember that your wardrobe is as important as the skin you’re in.

Just Add Water

Some of the most anticipated trends for Summer 2013 are one-piece suits, cover-ups and mix-and-match styles...helped along in large part by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna and Kate Moss.


This season, it’s all about cut, color, flow and attitude. These looks are sure to have you feeling glamorous while yielding all the compliments you deserve from autumn and beyond.

The Good, The Bad & Miami

Tight, bright, shiny and sexy — Miami can’t even grasp the notion of under the radar. Our fashion sense comes down like an atomic bomb of rainbows and our animal prints are so beyond out of control that it’s a surprise they don’t bite.

Wardrobe Insider

While the thermometer might not agree with the calendar in Miami, the fashion world turns its collective eye toward autumn collections this month. Here we offer Magic City fashionistas a glimpse into the season’s top trends and how to rock the perfect look.


Colorful Inspiration

Exhibiting at Pinta Miami in Booth E8 with Art Concept Alternative Gallery, Mariana Cordoba is on a mission to change perspectives with every stroke of her brush.

Greatest Love

The Love Knot jewelry collection was born out of a humble request that Coralie Duchamp received from a friend to design a ring that represented eternal friendship. Fast-forward to present day and Love Knots has evolved into a soulful collection with a bold message: Spread The Love.