Caring Yachtsmen

While the International SeaKeepers Society functions globally, they are making a significant impact locally with projects such as hydrophone installments in Miami, shark tagging off South Florida and much more.

Yacht Yes!

I’ve always enjoyed long walks on the beach (I’m talking from Miami Beach to Hallandale!), eating seafood and swimming in the ocean.

Piña Pow!

Add a little extra flavor to your next Piña Colada with a few secret ingredients sure to highlight the drink’s natural flavor profile and have you drinking to your heart’s delight.

What a Racquet!

A uniquely individual sport particularly dear to Miami, check out a storied history of the great game of tennis in honor of the Miami Open once again gracing the shores of Key Biscayne.

Retro Toast

If you’ve ever watched The Brave Little Toaster, you know that not all toasters are created equal. Enter the Combi 2 + 2 Toaster by Dualit

Pie Hard

A product of passion, dedication and unapologetically simple foodcraft, if you have yet to hear about the calorically-catastrophic but oh-so-scrumptious phenomena that is Fireman Derek’s World Famous Pies, you haven’t been listening hard enough!

Ruff Riders

Ever concerned about the plight of homeless animals in our area, we’ve collected some of Miami’s most affectionate adoptable dogs from local shelters.

Responsible Repast

For a moral morsel of the future of fast food, look no further than Miami’s newest taste sensation Grown.

Mingling In March

The month of March is one of the busiest times of year when it comes to the social scene in South Florida. Check out this selection of activities to incorporate into your agenda.

Centralized Care

Bringing a slew of state-of-the-art medical services from the University of Miami Health Systems to South Dade, The Lennar Foundation Medical Center offers comprehensive, consolidated health care to our city.

The Slope Less Traveled

Sick of the South Florida swelter? Tired of traversing a city with temperatures in the triple digits? Travel experts SkiUSA can deliver the whimsy of a snow day, any day.

Open Up

Every year, Key Biscayners plan their schedules around the arrival of one of the most anticipated sporting events in the world: The Miami Open.

99-Calorie Refresher

Forget your favorite sugar-packed cocktail or calorie-rich liquor on the rocks — this all-natural sweet & sour drink will breathe new life into your next shindig.

Mezcal amor

We’re always striving to enhance and enlighten our palates. This month, we step to the left of a typical tequila with a thoroughly loco libation.

High Steaks

It’s that most singular and satisfying of meat dishes: the steak. We tackle the in’s and out’s of both its culinary preparation and cultural significance.

Soul Bites

A hearty fare sets the mood for lessons learned over meals shared with new acquaintances, old friends and strangers alike.

Chew On This

Here’s what not to do when you go out to savor a meal and enjoy the art of gastronomy: Introducing the 5 types of eaters who can be utterly obnoxious and make you lose your appetite before your first bite.


Miami’s sizzling international food scene has been on the upswing since its inception. What the future holds is anyone’s guess, but what local chefs and restaurateurs have planned will satiate even the most stubborn of appetites.

Plates & Pours 2017

In an effort to truly satisfy our public, our bold culinary-inclined staff struck out to find the 50 finest dishes, drinks and desserts The Magic City has to offer. It’s a tough job…but somebody’s gotta do it!

Give & Get

Perfect weather. Beautiful beaches. Endless servings of croquetas. There are countless ways we, as enthusiastic citizens, have taken from our city. Herewith: 20 FUN ways to give back.


From helping build a school in a hillside barrio of Quito, Ecuador, to rubbing elbows with Manhattan and Dublin society, one writer shares the experiences she’s had meeting interesting people through philanthropy.

Power Pooches

This spring, why not greet the warm weather with a brand new walking buddy? Below are some furry friends from surrounding shelters who’d love to start a new life with you.

Giving Gladly

Drawing deeply from the community they love so much, Mercy Hospital’s volunteers form an integral portion of the compassionate caregiving Mercy supplies our community.

Standing United

Big news on the philanthropy front: The United Way Of Miami-Dade turns 93 this month, making it almost an even century The Magic City has been touched by this outstandingly obliging organization.

Vegan Victuals

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve combed our neighborhoods for the best cruelty-free cuisine our city has to offer. Here are some top picks for moral (and mouth-watering) eateries.

Next Steps

Ready to take the giant leap from being a philanthropist who supports causes near and dear to your heart to starting an actual non-profit of your very own? You’ll need to keep the below tips in mind to help complement your noble intentions.

SlopeSide Sabbaticals

Looking for an engaging, exhilarating weekend away this month? Key Biscayne-based Ski USA has a couple of ideas for the Miamian who thinks they’ve tried everything.

Tropical Gulp

In honor of Earth Day this month, pair two of Mother Nature’s most delicious creations to make a kiwi–pineapple-banana cocktail that will have you and your friends buzzing well into the summer.

Bon Manje

Tassot. Kasav. Queue de Boeuf. If those words don’t make your mouth water, then you’re not living in Miami. With a rising rate of migration, readers shouldn’t be surprised if some Haitian creations soon become as commonplace as a media noche.

Helping Hands

An institution formed by the charitable hearts of millions, Mercy Hospital represents everything positive our emergent metropolis offers.

Family Marvel

Taking the term “Super Mom” to a whole new level, we introduce you to a trio of Key Biscayne moms who have been able to balance life, work and motherhood seamlessly, tenderly and with lots of love!

Positive Impact

Bibiana Domit believes that we are in this life to live our dreams. She credits her fearless confidence, quiet nature, excellent imagination, creativity and stubbornness with helping her launch Tullys, a globally endearing children’s brand.

Contractor Woes

Homeowner complaints that their General Contractor won’t pay attention to them abound. Here’s the 411 on those delay tactics and how to find the right fit when it comes to home improvement projects.

Tax Insight

While real estate cycles ebb and flow, Key Biscayne continues to attract high net worth international investors and families looking for that “Island Paradise!” For a non-resident buying a vacation home or an investment property for rental purposes, it’s important to note some significant tax issues that face non-residents.

Marvelous Monaco

The gilded and lavish coastal principality of Monaco reigns most supreme as the jetsetting playground to the world — with or without The Royals, it takes the crown. Here are a trio of gems not to miss on your next visit.

Best Friends

What makes our idyllic island summers even better? Someone to share them with! Which is exactly why we recommend the below furry friends, sourced from select local shelters and rescues throughout the city.

Mist Magic

Spring is once more gracing the thoroughfares and byways of The Magic City, and with it that most draining of seasonal sightseer. And no, we aren’t talking about tourists. Mosquitoes have a far bigger presence.

Molto Delizioso

Masterfully melding the cultured and the casual, Tutto Pizza & Pasta’s effortlessly authentic selection manages to provide family-friendly fare without a dumbed-down menu.


Operatic Heights

Florida Grand Opera kicks off the 2023-24 season with a rousing performance of Giuseppe Verdi & Francesco Maria Piave’s La traviata, based on a semi-autobiographical novel by Alexandre Dumas, fils.

Cultural Embrace

This year’s Outstanding Latino Visionaries of Key Biscayne share how their culture and heritage has helped shape their careers, philanthropic pursuits, world view and dreams for the future.