Operatic Fun

Opera’s most beloved rascal, the Barber of Seville, Figaro, who helps Count Almaviva woo and win the lovely Rosina, takes audiences on a comedic tour de force in Florida Grand Opera’s presentation of this madcap classic.

Jewelry Legend

Iconic “by appointment only” private jewelry salon Diamonds On The Key not only celebrates its 15th Anniversary in Key Biscayne, but owner Christina Termine additionally commemorates her impressive 40th year in the fine jewelry industry.

Love & Hope

The League Against Cancer, or “La Liga Contra El Cancer,” is a nonprofit organization that serves patients who lack the financial means to cover the costs of their treatment. For Manny Alfonso, chairing the legendary Telethon this year is a dream come true.

Intimately Delicious

Just across the bridge in Coconut Grove, Midorie is a new traditional Japanese restaurant that uses simple, time-honored techniques to offer an authentic sushi and donburi dining experience.

Warm Hearted

The 2023 South Florida Heart Ball honors survivors, patrons and volunteers of the American Heart Association, the world’s leading nonprofit organization focused on heart and brain health.

Pure Joy

Whether planned or by chance, the Key Biscayners you’re about to meet adopted the perfect addition to their families through local rescue organizations on a mission to ensure every pet in need finds true happiness in a forever home.

Rising Star

For driving phenom Joao Vergara, fresh of a win at the 2023 Lucas Oil Scholarship Shootout, the future is bright and the sky is the limit.

Amazing Journey

When Lee Brian Schrager joined Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits in 2000 as their Director of Media & Special Events, they had just started the Florida Extravaganza with FIU; what we know today as the epic South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

Key Couples

In an island filled with success stories, we introduce you to a few Key Biscayne couples who have managed to balance it all while always putting love first and family above all else. May their experiences inspire you to continue living your own love story with gusto.

Financial Resource

As far back as she can remember, Mayra Mesa has been driven by challenges. With nearly 40 years of banking experience, not a day goes by that she does not exceed expectations and enrich the lives of her customers.

Hello Miami

As the strategic business leader for all things food and beverage, Justin Wilson is passionate about sharing SLS Brickell’s exceptional products and curated experiences with guests.

Pop Inspiration

Daniel Cherbuin has been staging alternative art spaces and underground shows with his video installations for decades. His iconic pop-art has allowed him to break into the art gallery and exhibition scene.

Double Feature

The Donatis of Florence, Italy, are the most double-crossing, back-stabbing, toxic family since The Borgias — but a lot funnier. Florida Grand Opera’s Gianni Schicchi and Buoso’s Ghost sings their rousing tale.

Creative Unity

Lucid Design District’s Chroma is centered around Payal Tak’s belief that if a myriad of colors can peacefully coexist on a single canvas, then why can’t humans peacefully coexist on a single planet?

Bay Luxury

Seeing something born from a piece of paper, becoming real and part of the everyday landscape of a city, remains an unforgettable experience for Developer Ugo Colombo.

Island Insights

Key Biscayne’s top realtors showcase their professional perspective on the state of the market and all the benefits of living in paradise.

Art In Paradise

In an island that prides itself on its global perspective, the artists you’re about to meet take the concept of creativity to a whole new level. Adding one of their pieces to your collection will be the envy of all those who see it.

Healthier Future

In today’s society, wellness for kids is just as important as it is for adults, perhaps even more important. At Ahimsa MD, they believe the time to focus on chidhood wellness is now to improve overall physical health and mental well-being.

Super Powers

Healing our past wounds leads to future freedom, purpose and power. Events that have wounded us as children carry powerful messages, causing us to make vows or agreements that affect who we become as adults.

Damon Danesi 

It was the day after Christmas in 2006 when Damon Danesi joined a New York franchise of California Closets, spending the majority of the next 7 years working in production and on the field as both an Apprentice and a Lead Installer.

Taylor Husted 

Modern and clean with a twist is what defines Taylor Husted’s work at California Closets.

Skin Smart

When it comes to prevention and detection, Dr. T.J. Giuffrida educates patients on protecting their skin and what the sun can do it. He is there for them as a Fellowship-Trained Mohs Surgeon when a cancer needs to be removed.

Legal Champion

Dedicated advocate Alexandra Ramon and her experienced team help clients get the money they need and deserve from their insurance provider when the company fails to pay enough or wrongfully denies their claims.

Einbender View

Fine artist Brooke Einbender, a.k.a. Mindbender Art, a pioneer in the exploration of “phygital” (physical + digital) art, is the latest addition to the always cutting-edge creativity that is Wynwood.

Caroline Zaki 

Born and raised in Egypt, Caroline Zaki of Carol Curated Interiors grew up in a world of fabric.

Culture First

In an island built on diversity, ideas and perspectives from around the world, outstanding Latino Key Biscayners showcase their Hispanic heritage with pride.

The Advocate

When Daniel J. Rodriguez secures a win for someone who is up against the legal resources of a giant insurance company, it feels good. He knows he’s making a difference.

Full Circle

From military brat to megayachts and magazine publishing, a beauty queen turned successful executive turned wife, mother & philanthropist (and now First Lady of Miami Football!) has had her fair share of life lessons along the way.

Always In Motion

Get inspired by FIT-BISCAYNERS pushing the limits of mind, body & soul while mastering the art of balancing it all and going for the win.

Thrive Drive

Every morning when Alejandro Aljanati wakes up, he practices the art of living — the passion that comes from appreciating every single aspect of an amazing life. That zest for living is reflected in the Aston Martin Residences.

Dramatic Influence

Ukrainian artist Lesia Khomenko had to evacuate her home in Kyiv, leaving behind most of her pieces. She is now the first “artist-in-residence” at South Florida’s Oasis Pointe.

Integrative Care

If Simoni Baid, M.D., hadn’t gone into medicine, she would have become a choreographer in Mumbai, India, thanks to her love of Bollywood dance. Luckily for her loyal patients, this dedicated and innovative physician is here to stay.

Freedom Guide

In All In: How To Risk Everything For Everything That Matters, W. Allen Morris shares his personal journey and teaches readers how to discover a path forward to greater freedom, joy, creativity and power.

Surgical Excellence

T.J. Giuffrida M.D., loves his job, particularly the relationships he forms with his patients, and the great satisfaction he receives when he’s able to tell a patient that he has cured them of their skin cancer.

Beautiful Life

John J. Martin, M.D., started his practice to help patients feel the best that they can about their looks. Facial cosmetic surgery and non-surgical rejuvenation are his passion and the focus of his life’s work.

Family First

A few of Key Biscayne’s Most Dynamic Mothers share the joys of motherhood and the perks of raising their children in paradise.

Natural Relationships

Yomarie Silva O’Neal’s work is at the intersection between art and science that forces the viewer’s attention through a juxtaposition of natural forms and geometric rigidity.

Ocean Adventure

S.A. Rodriguez’s debut Latinx novel, Treasure Tracks, is a fast-paced story filled with heart and humor about the bonds of family, the meaning of legacy and the discovery of true treasure.

Caring Expertise

Aside from all the legal knowhow, personal injury specialist Ramon “Moncy” Blanco-Herrera believes that a lot of the work of an attorney is to be a counselor, to be there for clients and actually listen.

Smart Spaces

For Thom Straley of California Closets Miami, form, function and fabulous all combine to yield perfectly organized and aesthetically pleasing spaces.


Culinary Excellence

Savor the essence of world-class cuisine at Toscana Mare in The Towers at Key Biscayne, an oasis of serenity for those seeking the finest in Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

Catalysts Of Change

When it comes to contributing time, skills, and resources, this year’s Angels Among Us consistently prioritize philanthropic efforts with a mindset of giving. Get acquainted with some of the island’s most generous residents who are leaving a lasting legacy that inspires others to make their own impact on the world.