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Road Ready

As we prepare for summer vacations and unforgettable family adventures, packing everyone into the car for hours on end might not be high on your to-do list. Take the roar out of road tripping with the below suggestions. And remember: Once you leave Miami, make sure to use those turn signals!

Second Act

Artist Nancy Reyna grew up in Venezuela, taking her tropical surroundings for granted, but always having a knack for “seeing the beauty in a pile of leaves on the street,” as a friend once observed.


Critical Issues

As a law school student, journalist, health educator and guardian ad litem, Risa Berrin has always gravitated toward health and education issues. Upon realizing that teens were dealing with serious life issues, she founded the Health Information Project (HIP).

Tax Talk

EWM hosted an informative seminar on Tax Reform Law and its implications on the real estate market and Miami-Dade’s ordinance on Section 8 Housing Discrimination.